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    ADDRESS : 69/225, bhoosa toli, kanpur Call: 9415127086, 9044811100

    EMAIL : info@tiagoproducts.com

    SKYPE ID :

    MOBILE NUMBER : Call 9415127086

    ADDRESS : 69/225, bhoosa toli, kanpur Call: 9415127086, 9044811100

    SHOP TIMINGS: 10:00 am to 6:30 pm


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    About us

    Manufacturer of high grade aluminium utensil, pressure cooker,sheets and circles. With our 35 years of experience Singh Aluminium sincerely belives in Quality Production.We keep improving our Products Quality to ensure The Long Term Partnership with our esteemed customers. VISION:- To strive for excellence in providing quality utencils to our customers. MISSION:-To ensure quality manufacturing for the good health of our endusers. Experience the joy of cooking with a wide variety of pressure cookers offered by TIAGO COOKERS. The top notch quality of TIAGO COOKERS will always surprise you and you will every-time enjoy the mouth watering food cooked in TIAGO COOKERS. A cooker that does not have an expiry date. Enhance the look of your KITCHEN by flaunting the best quality kitchen ware i.e. TIAGO COOKERS. A kitchen ware that is equivalent to a collectible. Check the wide variety of TIAGO COOKERS at www.tiagoproducts.com
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